Online Integrated Programs

Our services offer a 1 on 1 coaching. The candidate can access us from all around the globe. Our teaching schema is un challengeable .

These programs are designed for the candidates who are keen to learn and practice CS on individual basis Our benefit is that we offer 100% guarantee pass results and save a huge amount of your life time from reading thick books. Sessions take place through live webinars.

E learning platform Description
Free 30 minute tutorial

For the candidate’s satisfaction a 30 min personalized tutorial is laid out to acknowledge our dynamic services

Exam format

Teaching sessions shall follow the correct exam format in order to converge critical analysis ,in depth discussion , and instant feedback of mentioned CS domains:

  • Integrated clinical encounter (I.C.E)
  • Spoken English proficiency (S.E.P)
  • Communication and inter personnel skills (C.I.S)
Cold calling

The registered candidates can access us via cold calling.

Excel coaching

There is absolutely no challenge or match to our coaching standards.We teach with utmost dedication, consolidation and revision.Our goal is to assimilate conceptualized structure of the actual CS 2 challenge.

Case construction work shop

Prior to actual teachings sessions the candidates will go through an intensive 2 day work shop comprising of :

  • Introduction to the CS 2
  • Purpose of CS2
  • How to extract C.I.S , S.E.P and I.C.E
  • How to take a medical history
  • What is a C.I.S trigger
  • What are medical jargons
  • Impact of failed attempt
  • How to document correct PN
Pre session review

A day prior to the actual timed mode encounters the candidates will go through the selected cases for the preceding session.The purpose is to revise and discuss each and every part of the case encounter leaving no space for fragility.The differentials and diagnostic work up for each case will be discussed in sequential order to structure a correct P.N

Dynamic teaching

Each patient encounter will cover all sequential steps as accredited per ECFMGLines for case opening(adult/peds/E.R)HPI check listPhysical exam teachingStandardized case closures

I.C.E reassessments

I.C.E checklist of randomly selected cases will be reviewed during sessions

Closure reassessments

Case closures of randomly selected cases will be reviewed during sessions

Case practice on timed mode

Candidate is given the privilege to resume a clinical case on timed mode under persistent supervision.During this 15 min encounter the candidate’s ability to extract the 3 main CS 2 components are highlighted.

Patient Note practice on timed mode

Candidates are given the opportunity to access the P.N software which is integrated with a 10 minute timer.Accessible during the course and until two weeks after course is completed.

Instant feedback for each patient note

Each P.N is submitted into the candidates registered email .Each PN is rated, corrected and discussed in detail.

Rapid assessment session

During sessions the candidate will be given random case encounters and P.N both obeying exam like format.

Instant feedback for each patient encounter

Once the 15 minute encounter is concluded the candidate is given an instant feedback.The candidates encounter is discussed in detailcorrectedrepeated

Online 12 case simulated exam

A 12 case simulated exam is under taken by the candidate at the end of accelerated training . Each case shall be graphically rated on C.I.S, I.C.E and S.E.P as per updated ECFMG guidelines.$ 100 per hour

The sessions are automatically recorded

The candidates are given opportunity to access and revise the recorded sessions during and after the course is completed.