Medexcin has composed a systematic and authentic coaching technique that shall clearly conceptualize the ECFMG designed agenda. Our goal is to extract absolute victory and to facilitate the examinees undertaking the USMLE step 2 CS examination. All sessions will be digital and live streamed .You can access us from anywhere around the globe.

The following sessions will take place during the 5 week subscription period.
  1. Free 24/7 access to the USMLE step 2 CS subscription bank.
  2. Online case construction work shop.
  3. Online patient note work shop.
  4. At least 2 or 3 systems shall be selected.
  5. 5 reassessment sessions. One session per week. At least 2 or 3 systems will be selected.
  6. One major 12 case mock at the end of subscription. Random students will volunteer.
  7. Patient note checking there shall be a separate fees of $15 per patient note.

Each case is particularized with the actual USMLE CS 2 exam format. Strictly structured in accord with accredited guidelines.

  • Case opening format
    1. Each case opening is formatted in correct sequential steps
    2. The goal is to foster the correct doctor patient relationship ECFMG accredited
  • I.C.E questionnaire list
    1. The I.C.E questionnaire for the history of presenting complaint (HPI) comprises a complete set of accurate questions that are to be asked during the CS 2 encounter.
    2. The I.C.E questionnaire is framed in an easy and technical way as for the SP to grasp a quick understanding and memorization for each pertinent question
    3. All questions are in absolute precision with the Standardized patient’s chief complaint.
    4. I.C.E questionnaire for the sub components are formatted in short and immediate phrases.
  • Physical examination technique
    1. The technical steps and verbal phrases for each physical examination are given a descriptive format in layman definition followed by medical terminology
    2. Obeying the purpose of excluding the correct exam findings.
    3. All physical examination audio visuals are composed on standardized patients
    Example 1 Central cyanosis

    To determine central cyanosis the descriptive phase used by examinee “I see /I do not see any bluish discoloration around your mouth , there is no clinical sign of low oxygen level such as central cyanosis.

    Example 2Cardiac thrill

    To determine cardiac thrill the descriptive phase used by the examinee “I feel no abnormal vibrations or lifts on putting my hand on your chest, there is no heave , no clinical sign of enlarged heart or valve defect.
    Note: Heave is observed in right ventricular hypertrophy, mitral regurgitation

  • Differential diagnosis
    1. Each of the 73 case encounters have a consistent list of differential diagnosis.
    2. Each differential is described with a layman phrase.
  • Diagnostic work-up

    Each of the 73 case encounters encompasses a complete sequential diagnostic work up staring with

    1. Maneuvers/exam if required
    2. Non-invasive test
    3. Radiological test
    4. Invasive test/procedure
  • Case closure sequela and analysis
    1. Each of the 73 case encounters encompass a standardized case closure
    2. All case closure steps are consistently in accord with ECFMG standards
    3. The CS components analyzed in case closure are S.E.P and C.I.S

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