PN Correction

Patient note documentation is a sub domain of Integrated clinical encounter (I.C.E)The I.C.E part of the CS exam is assessed and rated by ECFMG hired physicians. I.C.E is strictly scored within the patient note and not by SP checklist.

I.C.E domains are:

  • Data gathering (cumulative history and P.E )
  • Transferring data gathering (PN documentation)
Our method of PN teaching:

Sessions will take place online

Candidate shall be given a case scenario determining the pertinent positives and negatives from medical history and physical examination.

Candidate will document the information on the PN software.

Candidate will be introduced with the correct method as of how to transfer the history parts and P.E part such as hemodynamics, sensorium ,level of distress etc on to the exam like PN software.

Benefits offered by our PN practice

Candidate will excel in PN documentation.

Our goal is to conceptualize the consistent format of gathering a medical history and P.E findings and transferring it using correct medical terminology.

We teach candidate as of how to make an authentic list of clinical differentials.

How to format and sequence a correct diagnostic work up